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Welcome to FAnnetastic! A Tribute to the Miraculous Anne Bancroft....

....a website designed exclusively for fans ("FAnnes") of the miraculous, the legendary, the fabulous, the talented, the (oh, go ahead and say it) kooky Anne Bancroft. Features of this tribute site include, or will include, the following:

Articles  Interviews with Anne and other items from newspapers, magazines, etc. in case you missed them the first time.
Awards  Anne's awards, achievements, firsts, nominations, etc.
Biography  In case you need to get acquainted with the lady.
Chronology  A chronological listing of notable events/dates in Anne's life.

  Hear rare samples of Anne's radio/TV appearances, including singing, comedy sketches and talk shows. Enjoy film clips from some of her finest work. There are also links to some trailers of Anne's films.
FAnne Stories  How and when did you become a FAnne? Did you ever get a chance to meet or work with Anne? Do you have any odd coincidences, or crazy dreams about her, to share? Lots of stories about Anne are found here.
FAnne Tributes  A place to pay your respects to Anne with your poems, drawings and other tributes... you can even "leave flowers" for her.
FAQ  Frequently asked questions about Anne Bancroft.
Fun & Games  Fun stuff, i.e. games, paper dolls, Anne's own recipes, etc.
Get Anne Stuff  Getting your Anne Bancroft fix is easier than ever with one-stop shopping. Bet there are a few things here you weren't aware of...!
Guestbook  Sign in and let us know you were here!
Links  Other sites which may interest a FAnne of Anne Bancroft.

Notes  News, announcements... things I've seen or read about Anne and want to share with you... other stuff that might be of interest.
Photos  Tons of photos, some you've seen, some you may haven't.
The Work  A comprehensive list of Anne Bancroft's complete body of work, with additional information about each, when available.
Trivia  Fun facts about Anne, her life, and her many roles.
Max News  Follow the news and successes of Anne and Mel Brooks' son.
Site Map  This site is heavily dependent upon Java, but here's a site map for those of you without Java.
What's New?  The first place you should go on any return visit -- a quick reference to updates and new features at the site since you were last here.
Contact  For questions or concerns about the site.

...and more to come. I've loved Anne Bancroft since I was first mesmerized by her stunning talent in 1973, so there's lots to share with you.

This is a site created by a FAnne of Anne Bancroft, for FAnnes of Anne Bancroft. A place to come together to remember her, to honor her, and to share the memories and the laughs (and there are many of those). I'm so glad you stopped by!

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"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

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