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Anne Bancroft



Anne Bancroft: The 1950's Work
(highlighted items are new additions)

Title Role Medium Released or Premiered Comments
The Miracle Worker Annie Sullivan
Anne Bancroft in The Miracle Worker (stage)
stage Oct-19-59 Oct-19-59 to Jul-01-61
Playhouse Theatre
719 performances
The Frank Sinatra Show Carol Welles TV Feb-21-58  
Two for the Seesaw Gittel Mosca
Anne Bancroft in Two for the Seesaw
stage Jan-17-58 Anne's Broadway debut Jan-17-58 to Oct-31-59
Booth Theatre
750 performances
The Arlene Francis Show Herself TV 1958  
The Girl in Black Stockings Beth Dixon
Anne Bancroft in The Girl in Black Stockings
screen 1957  
Nightfall Marie Gardner
Anne Bancroft in Nightfall
screen 1957  
Zane Grey Theater
Season 2, Episode 7: "Episode in Darkness"
Isabelle Rutledge TV Nov-15-57 "Anne Bancroft stars as a blind frontier woman whose acute sense of hearing may help convict a murderer."
The Alcoa Hour
Season 2, Episode 20: "Hostages of Fortune"
Giselle TV Jul-7-57  
The Restless Breed

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Anne Bancroft in The Restless Breed
screen May 1957  
Season 3, Episode 24: "The Mad Bomber"
Elena TV Apr-18-57  
Lux Video Theatre
Season 7, Episode 27: "The Black Angel"
**UNKNOWN** TV Mar-28-57  
Playhouse 90
Season 1, Episode 23: "Invitation to a Gunfighter"
Julie Bickford TV Mar-7-57  
Playhouse 90
Season 1, Episode 16: "So Soon to Die"
Isobel Waring TV Jan-17-57 More
The Alcoa Hour
Season 2, Episode 3: "Key Largo"
Alegre TV Oct-14-56  
Walk the Proud Land

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Anne Bancroft in Walk the Proud Land
screen Sep 1956  
Season 2, Episode 38: "Fear is the Hunter"
Audrey TV Jul-12-56  
Lux Video Theatre
Season 6, Episode 39: "The Corrigan Case"
Ann Sommers TV Jun-21-56  
Lux Video Theatre
Season 6, Episode 22: "Hired Wife"
Kendal Browning TV Feb-23-56  
The Last Hunt* Indian girl (*replaced by Debra Paget after Anne sustained an injury) screen late summer 55 More
The Naked Street Rosalie Regalzyk screen 1955  
A Life in the Balance

Marķa Ibinia
Anne Bancroft in A Life in the Balance
screen 1955 Poster
New York Confidential

Kathy Lupo
Anne Bancroft in New York Confidential
screen 1955 Poster
Lux Video Theatre
Season 5, Episode 44: "Forever Female"
Sally TV Jun-23-55  
The Last Frontier
aka Savage Wilderness

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Corinna Marston screen Jan 1955  
Lux Video Theatre
Season 5, Episode 14: "A Medal for Benny"
Lolita TV Nov-25-54  
Gorilla at Large Laverne Miller
Anne Bancroft in Gorilla at Large
screen 1954 More
The Raid Katie Bishop
Anne Bancroft in The Raid
screen 1954  
Demetrius and the Gladiators

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Anne Bancroft in Demetrius & The Gladiators
screen Jun 18-54  
Kraft Television Theatre
Season 7, Episode 16: "To Live in Peace"
**UNKNOWN** TV Dec-16-53  
Season 2, Episode 10: Hemingway's "The Capital of the World"
Ana TV Dec-6-53  
The Kid From Left Field Marian Foley
screen summer 53 More
Treasure of the Golden Condor Marie screen 1953  
Tonight We Sing Emma Hurok screen Feb 53  
Don't Bother to Knock

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Lyn Lesley
Anne Bancroft in Don't Bother to Knock
screen Jul-18-52 Anne's movie debut, and her first perfomance as Anne Bancroft.
Lights Out
Season 4, Episode 9: "The Deal"
(as Anne Marno)
Season 1, Episode 47: "Murderer's Face"
**UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV Aug-14-51  
The Adventures of Ellery Queen
Season 1, Episode 33: "The Chinese Mummer Mystery"
**UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV Jun-7-51  
The Web
Season 2,
Episode 1:
"The Customs of the Country"
**UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV Sep-26-51  
Suspense Theatre: "A Vision of Death" (need more info) **UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV 1951 "The very psychic powers intended for a chosen victim become the young woman's undoing."
Season 1, Episode 32: "The Killer Scarf"
(as Anne Marno)
TV May-1-51 "A young circus acrobat must choose between her guardian and an animal trainer." 
Studio One
Season 3, Episode 32: "Wintertime"

Lisa Berzens
(as Anne Marno)
TV Apr-2-51 More
The Ford Theatre Hour
Season 3,
Episode 13:
"The Golden Mouth"
**UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV


Season 3, Episode 24: "Night Break"
**UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV Feb-6-51  
The Goldbergs **UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV


Anne appeared as a semi-regular, I would love more info on her part in this show.
Studio One
Season 3, Episode 15: "Letter From Cairo"
**UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV Dec-4-50  
Studio One
Season 2, Episode 38: "The Man Who Had Influence"
Maria Cassini
(as Anne Marno)
TV May-29-50 "The spoiled son of a politician learns a lesson when he is accused of murder."
Studio One
Season 2, Episode 32: Turgenev's "Torrents of Spring"
**UNKNOWN** (as Anne Marno) TV Apr-17-50 Anne's TV debut


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

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