The 1970s Work

Anne Bancroft



Anne Bancroft: The 1970's Work

Title Role Medium Released or Premiered Comments
Muppets Go Hollywood Herself (uncredited) TV 1979  
Disneyland -- Season 25, Episode 8: "Mickey's 50" Herself TV Nov-19-78  
Golda Golda Meir
stage Nov-14-77 Nov-14-77 to Feb-15-78
Morosco Theatre
93 performances
The Turning Point

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Emma Jacklin
Anne Bancroft in The Turning Point
screen Nov-14-77  
Jesus of Nazareth

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Mary Magdalene
Anne Bancroft in Jesus of Nazareth
TV Apr-3-77  
Silent Movie

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(uncredited cameo)
Anne Bancroft in Silent Movie
screen Jun-16-76  

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Carla Bondi
Anne Bancroft in Lipstick
screen Apr-2-76  
The Hindenburg

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Countess Ursula Von Scharnwitz
Anne Bancroft in The Hindenburg
screen Dec-25-75  
The Prisoner of Second Avenue

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Edna Edison
Anne Bancroft in The Prisoner of Second Avenue
screen Mar-75  
Urban Living: Funny and Formidable Herself short 1975  
The August [Director -- never released] screen

mid 70's

Attended American Film Institute's Woman's Directing Workshop, directed first film, never released
Annie and the Hoods Herself
(variety show)
TV Nov-27-74 More
Blazing Saddles

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Extra in church congregation
screen Feb-7-74  
Young Winston

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Jennie (Lady Randolph) Churchill
Anne Bancroft in Young Winston
screen 1972  
Arthur Penn
1922-: Themes
and Variants
Herself; archived footage of "The Miracle Worker" doc 1970  
Annie, the Women in the Life of a Man Herself
(variety show)
Anne Bancroft in Annie: Women in the Life of a Man
TV Feb-18-70 More
This is Tom Jones -- Season 3, Episode 1 Herself
(variety show)
TV Sep-25-70 More


"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

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