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I have tons of incredible interviews I've saved over the past 30 years, I'll be posting them here as quickly as I can scan 'em or type 'em! Please note that many of these items include terrific photos.

A must-read here: Only Child Magazine's extensive interview with Max Brooks.

Exclusive rare photo spread of Annie in an old 1960 Pageant magazine, here.

(Note that from this point forward, I will be putting watermarks on many photos at this site, due to unauthorized use elsewhere.)

Patty Duke talks about Anne and The Miracle Worker, quite interesting, it's from 2003. Link is here, forever version is here.

Anne fannes need to read William Gibson's obituaries here.

Writer Dan Callahan has a very interesting and insightful view of Anne's work that is well worth reading. I particularly appreciate his comments about her work in my favorite AB film, The Pumpkin Eater. (Comment section is also well worth reading, and I agree with those who say that Anne's work in Home for the Holidays is overlooked as some of her best work in her later years.) Link is here, forever version is here.

The recent Vanity Fair article about the making of The Graduate -- a long read, but well worth it! Link is here, forever version is here.

My friend and fellow fanne Jody H. has been digging in the newly-opened NY Times archives and came up with this gem for us from 2002.

From Leonard Maltin's archives, a wonderful article about Anne and The Miracle Worker. Link is here, forever version is here. (Thanks Jody H.!)

From LA Weekly, June of 2005, I'm finally able to post this sans tears -- "Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson: Remembering Anne Bancroft." It is a very good interview with Anne. Link is here, forever version is here.

Peek-A-Boo! -- TV Guide, June 15, 1957 (here). (Almost exactly 50 years ago!)

Anne Bancroft Revisits the 20s -- April 3, 1961 (here).

Wonderful piece by Max Brooks for Men's Health -- helping a parent through the grief process while you yourself are grieving -- Saving Mel Brooks. Original article is here, forever version is here.

Terrific recent interview with Mel, November 2006, talking about his new projects and life without Annie here.

From December 1964 -- a fun doozy from the National Enquirer here.

From November 1974 -- Annie, an exquisite interview for TV Guide promoting Annie & the Hoods here.

From 1962 -- Miracle for Anne Bancroft here.

From 1953 -- Who Says a Kiss is Just a Kiss by Anne Bancroft here.

From March 1965 -- Designer's Choice for Anne Bancroft, with exquisite photos here.

From around 2000 -- Red Loves... Anne Bancroft here.

From January 12, 2005 -- The Producers of The Producers Welcome New Stars to the St. James Theatre here.

From late 2002 -- You can never be too rich or too thin here.

From mid 1960s -- Battling Bancroft here.

From May 2000 -- After 40 years, Anne Bancroft can still take the heat, keep her cool here.

From June 2005 -- Farewell to Anne Bancroft here.

From January 6, 2006 Entertainment Weekly. A sweet, short piece about Anne written by Patty Duke here. Thanks Jody H.!

From January 1980 Films in Review: Exquisite article about Anne written by someone who knew her: The Odyssey of Ruby Pepper here.

From 1961: At home with Anne Bancroft here. Thanks Jody H.!

Brief piece in NY Daily News with Anne's mom Mildred Italiano, from June 11, 2005 here. Forever version is here. Thanks Jody H.!

From about 1954: Anne & Martin at home (stop giggling and put on your toreador pants) here.

From 1995 "Bancroft: Patchwork career led to 'Quilt'" here.

A wonderful in-depth article from Salon here. Forever version is here.

Nia Vardalos & Anne Bancroft: "the inspired, the admired" here.

Another must-read quickie interview here.

Another fun one, from 1997 -- here.

"Anne Bancroft: Life's a laugh with Mel" here.

"Bancroft's royal role" here.


One of the nicest articles about Anne I've ever read, here at Otto Bruno's blog. He also discusses Fatso here.

Graduate Star Anne Bancroft Dies -- BBC obituary, with a photo gallery.

The Guardian has a comprehensive section from June '05, including a photo gallery and biography here.

Anne Bancroft -- Salon piece on Anne's career.

NPR has photos, video, some interesting links here and here.

Magazines & publication resources to look for
(this is by no means everything):

American Theatre
September 2005

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (USA)
June 10, 2005, Vol. 57 #161, page E-2
"Movie Mojo: Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson" by Bob Longino & Eleanor Ringel Gillespire

Back Stage West
June 23, 2005

Celebrity Sleuth (USA)
1990, Vol. 3 #4, page 8-9
"Anne Bancroft"

Cinemanía (Mexico)
November 1997, Vol. 2 #14, page 72
"Cinegrafías: Anne Bancroft"

Jan 26, 1978, 58, page 52
"La vedette de la semaine: Anne Bancroft"

Jun 28, 1979, 59, pages 20-23
"Les immortels du cinema: Anne Bancroft" by J. Von Cottom

May 10, 1984, 64, page 56
"La vedette de la semaine"

Current Biography 1960, New York

Close-Up: The Movie Star Book
edited by Danny Peary, New York, 1978
"Anne Bancroft: She Paid Her Dues" by Karen Arthur

Daily Telegraph (London, England)
June 9, 2005

Ecran (Paris)
September 1978
"Anne Bancroft"

Jan 15, 1979, 76, pages 23-24
"Les mille acteurs: errata et addenda au 15/12/78"

Ecran (Paris)
Dec 15, 1979, 86, pages 47-48
"Les mille acteurs: errata et addenda au 15/11/79"

Entertainment Weekly (USA)
June 17, 2005, Vol. 1 # 825, pg. 18
"Legacy: Anne Bancroft" by Mark Harris

December 2002 #28, page 116
"The 20 Sexiest Lingerie Moments of All Time #4" by Tom Conlon

Film Dope (London)
March 1982
"Anne Bancroft"

Films and Filming (London)
May 1987
Anne interviews Allan Hunter

Films Illustrated
Feb 7, 1978, pages 220-221
"Two women at the turning point"

Films Illustrated
May 7, 1978, pages 344-345
Why a prima ballerina throws away her toe shoes and turns to movies" by David Castell

Films in Review (New York)
January 1980
"Anne Bancroft: The Odyssey of Ruby Pepper" by J.R. Haspiel

Guardian (London, England)
June 9, 2005

Hollywood Reporter
June 8, 2005

Hollywood Studio Magazine
1986, 19 n8, pages 20-21
"The incredible actress and lady... Anne Bancroft" by Margie Schultz

Independent (London, England)
June 9, 2005

Le Soir (Belgium)
June 8, 2005, page 25
"Décès d'Anne Bancroft, madame Mel Brooks" by V.Q.

The New York Times
Oct 15, 1984, 134, page C-13.
"Bancroft portrays a feisty frump" by Leslie Bennetts

The New York Times
May 19, 1992, 141, page C-18.
"Even a star can identify with rage" by Bernard Weinraub

The New York Times
June 8, 2005

Observer (London, England)
June 12, 2005

Parade (USA)
May 7, 2000, page 24
"From Mrs. Robinson to Mischievous Matchmaker" by Jane Ciabattari

June 20, 2005

Photoplay Movies & Video
Feb 1986, 37, pages 48-52
"The habit of acting" by Colette Maude

Premiere (Boulder)
December 9, 1995
Interview with T. Casablanca

Revue du Cinéma (Paris)
May 1990
"Troublez-nous encore" by Didier Roth-Bettoni

Star-Ledger (Newark, NJ)
June 8, 2005

December 21, 1959, Vol. 74 # 25
Cover photo

June 20, 2005

Jan 6, 1982, 305, 6+ [2p]
"Mel Brooks-Anne Bancroft re-do of Ernst Lubitsch, 1942"

June 13, 2005

The Washington Post (USA)
June 8, 2005, Vol. 128 #185, pages C-1 & C-10
"Appreciation: The Actress Who Had A Leg Up on Stardom" by Peter Marks

The Washington Post (USA)
June 8, 2005, Vol. 128 #185, page B-6
"Oscar-Winning Actress Anne Bancroft Dies at 73" by Matt Schudel



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