Anne Bancroft: Chronology

Anne Bancroft



Anne Bancroft: Chronology

Event Date
Anna Maria Italiano is born in The Bronx, NY to Michael and Mildred Italiano. Sep-17-31
After P.S. 12 and Christopher Columbus High School, Anne studies at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 1948-50
While rehearsing a scene from Fly Away Home, Anne is watched by teacher Frances Fuller. Fuller recommends Anne audition for husband Worthington Miner's show, Studio One. Anne makes TV debut on Studio One -- Turgenev's "Torrents of Spring." Apr-17-50
Appears as a semi-regular on The Goldbergs. 1950-1951
Anne is "engaged" to actor John Ericson. approx. 1951
20th Century Fox offers to sign Anne after seeing her in a screen test for another actor she had agreed to assist. Oct-12-51
Leaves leaves NY for Hollywood for the first time. Contract with Fox activates on Nov 21, 1951. mid Nov-51
Anne's first film assignment. At this time, she takes the surname Bancroft. Dec-3-51
Don't Bother to Knock, Anne's movie debut, is released. Jul-18-52
Marriage plans with Ericson fizzle. summer 52
Anne elopes with USC law student Martin May. Jul-1-53
Anne and Martin have a proper church wedding in NY. summer 54
The Last Hunt -- during filming, Anne sustains a serious injury to her back during a horseback stunt, is replaced by Debra Paget. late summer 55
Recuperates with her family in NY. fall-winter 56
Anne films Walk the Proud land in Tucson after announcing her separation from Martin. Moves in with her agent and his wife upon her return. early 1956
Divorce from Martin May is finalized. Feb-13-57
Anne, in NY for her sister's wedding, meets with Fred Coe & William Gibson to discuss Two for the Seesaw at the recommendation of Richard Basehart. Returning to Hollywood, she meets with Arthur Penn re: this project. early Feb 57
Anne and Mario Ferrari-Ferreira announce their engagement. summer 57
Anne leaves Hollywood, returns to NY, enrolls in Berghof's HB Studio. sometime in 1957
Anne and Mario drift apart, engagement is set aside. winter 57
Gibson offers the role of Annie Sullivan to Anne at a Sunday brunch. winter 57
Two for the Seesaw, Anne's wildly successful Broadway debut, opens. Jan-17-58
Anne wins her first Tony for Two for the Seesaw. Other awards follow. Apr-13-58
Anne's picture accompanies print ads for Rheingold Beer. fall 58
The Miracle Worker opens on Broadway. Oct-19-59
Anne makes the cover of Time magazine. Dec-21-59
Anne wins her second Tony for The Miracle Worker. Other awards follow. Apr-24-60
Anne attends Helen Keller's 80th birthday party. Keller tells Anne her handshake is like Annie Sullivan's. Jun-27-60
Anne meets Mel Brooks while rehearsing for The Perry Como Show. early Feb 61
Film version of The Miracle Worker is released. Jul-28-62
Anne is offered the role of Fanny Brice in "Funny Girl" but turns it down. winter 62
Wins Oscar for The Miracle Worker. Other awards follow. Apr-09-63
The Pumpkin Eater is released. It brings her many awards, but no Oscar. Nov-9-64
Anne and Mel are married in a civil ceremony. Aug-5-64
The Graduate is released. Again, she receives many awards, but no Oscar. Dec-21-67
Anne's first TV variety special of her own -- Annie, the Women in the Life of a Man. It will bring her an Emmy. Feb-18-70
Young Winston is released. Receives British Academy Award nomination. 1972
Anne and Mel's son Maximilian Michael is born. May-22-72
Blazing Saddles is released. Anne is an uncredited extra in Mel's hit movie. Feb-7-74
Anne's second TV variety special of her own -- Annie and the Hoods. Nov-27-74
Attended American Film Institute's Woman's Directing Workshop, directed first film, The August, which is never released. mid 70's
The Prisoner of Second Avenue is released. Recognized with British Academy Award nomination. Mar-75
Silent Movie is released. Anne and Mel work together, Anne in an uncredited cameo. Jun-16-76
The Turning Point is released. Anne receives an Oscar nomination. Nov-14-77
Golda opens on Broadway. Receives Tony nomination. Nov-14-77
Fatso is released. It is Anne's first writing/directorial effort to be released. Feb-1-80
To Be or Not to Be is released. Anne and Mel work together. 1983
An Audience with Mel Brooks -- Anne is a guest on Mel's show. 1983
Garbo Talks is released. Golden Globe nomination. Oct-12-84
Agnes of God is released. Recognized with nominations for a Golden Globe and an Oscar. Sep-13-85
Night, Mother is released. Nominated for a Golden Globe. Sep-12-86
84 Charing Cross Road is released. Awards include British Academy Award and Best Actress at the Berlin Film Festival. Feb-13-87
Freddie and Max -- Anne's only sitcom, British TV. Dec-12-90
Broadway Bound. Receives Emmy nomination. Mar-23-92
Mrs. Cage. Receives Emmy nomination. 1992
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. Receives Emmy nomination. 1994
Dracula: Dead and Loving It is released. Anne and Mel work together, with Anne in an uncredited cameo. Dec-22-95
Homecoming. Receives SAG nomination. Apr-14-96
Receives Lifetime Achievement in Comedy at the American Comedy Awards. 1996
Deep in My Heart. Wins Emmy. 1999
Haven. Nominated for Emmy. Feb-11-01
Anne stars in Edward Albee's Occupant on Broadway -- it is her final stage appearance, the run shortened due to her illness. Feb-05-02
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone is released. Receives Emmy nomination. This is Anne's final movie appearance. May 4-03
Curb Your Enthusiasm "Opening Night" -- Anne in her final TV appearance, works with Mel. Mar-14-04
Anne produces Squeeze Box on Broadway. Jul-29-04
Grandson Henry Michael Brooks is born. Mar-05
Passed away at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Interred at the Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York, near her father, Michael Italiano. Jun-06-05
Delgo: A Hero's Journey -- Anne's final voiceover, to be released in 2008. 2008




"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

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