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Experience Anne Bancroft

Here I will endeavor to share samples of Anne's rare TV appearances, including singing, comedy sketches and talk shows. Obtaining the right software to transfer the old tapes has taken longer to work out than I had anticipated, but I am very excited about what you're going to hear in this section in short order. Humble thanks to Trisha J. and Jeff F. for their assistance with this page!

Nice little interview clip, you'll need QuickTime to view it -- 'Anne Bancroft at the How to Make an American Quilt premiere on September 27, 1995.' (Footage by WireImage Video/Getty Images)

I purchased this Humankind episode about Helen Keller, it is truly remarkable. Anne's interview is scattered throughout -- I encourage you to listen to both parts in their entirety. Part One Part Two

Rosemary found this gem -- I saw the original the day it aired in 1983, how nice to see this again! (link)

Anna has this for us:

There's a really great extended interview with Arthur Penn on YouTube for the Archive of American Television, and he talks pretty extensively about Anne during several parts of it, especially in relation to Two for the Seesaw and The Miracle Worker. You can tell how his face just lights up when he talks about her. :) There are six videos, but unfortunately, the sound is pretty terrible. Some of the clips are missing sound completely -- maybe we could get Anne fans to go comment on the videos, or message the poster (username TVLEGENDS -- that account posts all those great Archive interviews) to get them to re-post it with better sound! Anyway, here's a link to the playlist that contains all 6 videos.

Nice clip about AB in The Graduate here.

Ann Randolph's site has a brief, but nice, interview with Anne and Mel about Squeezebox on her main page here.


Clips from Annie: The Women in the Life of a Man (1970)

Anne's interview on Good Morning America (1987) for 84 Charing Cross Road (requires Flash).
Watch (click only once)

Anne's interview on Good Morning America (02-23-89) for Bert Rigby, You're a Fool and Torch Song Trilogy (requires Flash).
Watch (click only once)

Clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm (2004).
Watch (click only once)

Clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm (2004).
Watch (click only once)
Listen to Anne's voice sample from voicebank.net.

Anne's exquisite Charlie Rose interview is now available directly at Charlie's site
here! Thanks to Anna for the heads-up.

A great moment from The Miracle Worker (requires Flash).
Watch (click only once)

My favorite clip from The Miracle Worker -- the scene that captured me for life (requires Flash).

Watch (click only once)
Here's a brief interview with Anne about her love for Fire Island, NY (05-29-99) by Savvy Traveler for public radio (show has since gone off the air).
Thanks, Trisha J.!

Here's a favorite clip from To Be or Not To Be -- Anne & Mel dance and sing "Sweet Georgia Brown" in Polish (requires Flash).

Watch (click only once)

Want to watch an Anne Bancroft movie right now? Check out these video downloads from Amazon:

Here are some interesting/quirky items found at YouTube:


Anne's little sis Phyllis was so kind to appear at the East Hampton Library in October 2010 for screenings of Anne's work. Here are some clips of her Q&A sessions. (Thanks so much to Brandy for these!)

Fatso screening:

To Be Or Not To Be screening:

From October 22, 1951, The Deal for Lights Out. Marno's always great fun to watch! Part 1 is here, Part 2 is below.

Finally we get to sample Freddie & Max, thanks to Brandy for finding this! Added bonus is the pic of AB with Hitchcock in the opening credits, apparently? Can you identify others?
From May 29, 1950, The Man Who Had Influence for Studio One. Love this early Anne Marno. (Thanks to Paul!)
Anne looks FANNETASTIC here accepting the Oscar for Liz Taylor! Bet you've never seen this before. (Thanks to Paul for finding this!)
One of Anne's fav movies:
Nice scene from 84 Charing Cross Road.
Interview with Lady Jennie from Young Winston.
A great live presentation of "Sweet Georgia Brown" from An Audience With Mel Brooks. If this doesn't put a huge smile on your face today, nothing will!
Danish interview with Mel Brooks which features Anne -- the second part with Anne is down below. From 1978. (Thanks to Brandy for sending this one to me!)
Final scene from Torch Song Trilogy

Prisoner of 2nd Avenue original trailer

Fatso trailer
A marvelous scene from To Be Or Not To Be

Anne on What's My Line? (again)


Anne on Dinah! from early 1975


Catch Anne in a little colorized clip from Tonight We Sing

Anne & Dustin's reunion

Anne on What's My Line?

Anne presents Oscar to Sidney Poitier
The Elephant Man trailer
The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone trailer
After the Countess wins in The Hindenburg
Nice scene from The Hindenburg
Home for the Holidays trailer
Breakfast scene from The Miracle Worker
Romantic scene from Gorilla at Large

More film trailers, courtesy of The Video Detective
(scroll down a wee bit on each page and click on the "preview" link):

"The Miracle Worker" "The Graduate"
"The Prisoner of 2nd Avenue" "The Elephant Man"
"Garbo Talks" "Agnes of God"

E! has a nice page of AB film trailers here.

Lovely -- a short video here from 2005 when the lights of Broadway were dimmed for Anne.

Here is the current national cable TV schedule for the month to you can catch Anne's movies at home -- plus there is a link at that page to check your local listings, too!



"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

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