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Seesaw: A Dual Biography of Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks Don't settle for any other edition, only this one, with the forward by Anne! Lesson plans etc. for use with recorded interviews with Anne Bancroft et al

Max's first book.

One of Anne's teachers.

Another of Anne's teachers
This book provides anecdotes and inspirational tips to help you stick to your diet plan. Mel Brooks, Anne Bancroft, Tina Brown, Sidney Sheldon, Andrew Lloyd Webber, and many more contribute their recipes and words of wisdom. Galatoire's, a restaurant famous for its culinary art and French Quarter flair.... Presented is a description of Galatoire's appeal for New Orleans locals as well as its attraction to notable diners including Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks. This is the book for which Anne had written the screenplay, but never had the chance to film. She was planning to play the role of the mother. This is a coffee table book with pics of the ocean and celebrity comments. This is the picture & quote from Anne.
(Thanks Jody H.!)
Anne has a recipe in here. Anne submitted several recipes to her friend Dom Deluise. Includes reflections from Anne. Max's second book.
Anne: "John Sarno has changed my life and the lives of everyone to whom I have recommended him. He is a true miracle worker." Includes recipes from Anne and her mom! Max Brooks says this was one of his mom's favorite books Latest bio of Mel, with plenty of AB, of course!
My buddy Chris's latest book -- Anne's included in it!
Wow, Anne's on the cover!
The sequel to The Graduate

Max's third book

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